Research Result

  • Laser Projector Engine for Signage
  • Touch Sensor for Multi-Function Display
  • Touch Sensor for Transparent Display
  • Heat Bulletproof Glass for Special Vehicles
  • Curved Heat Lens for Ship Navigation Lamp
  • Front and Rear Heat Glass of Car
  • Actuator for Camera Module(IOV-WR1001)
  • HUD System using Laser Pico Projector Module
  • Actuator for Camera Module(IOV-WR1002)
  • Process of Large Scaled Film
  • Touch Sensor for Curved Display
  • Transparent Surface Heat Film for Heat Glass
  • Laser Pico Projector Module
  • Subminiature DLP Projector Module
  • FCCL appliced to Method for Room Temperature
    Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Prostate Cancer Diagnosis appliced to Method of TCSPC
  • Waterproof Type Fluorescent Light
  • Ion Generator Module
  • Built-in LED Fluorescent Light
  • 48W/24W/12W LED Lamp Power
  • LED Sensor Lamp applied to Human Body Detection Sensor
  • Nano Quantum Dot Phosphors based LED Module
  • BDP Third Generation Optical Pick-up
  • 2x BD-W Optical Pick-up
  • LED Lighting Apparatus for Substituting T5
  • LED Lamps for Substituting Incandescent Lamp
  • DLP Pico Projector Engine
  • Optical Pick-up for BD ROM Drive
  • Optical Pick-up for Car CDP
  • Anion Module VE Type[Hades2]
  • Anion Module [Hades]
  • Optical Pick-up for BD Player
  • Slim Slot-in Loader
  • Color Temperature /Adjusting Light Color High-Power LED Stand
  • Optical Pick-up for Half-Height & Combo DVD-P
  • Traverse Deck for Half-Height & Combo DVD-P
  • Loader for Half-Height & Combo DVD-P
  • Bar Code Scanner Module
  • Control Circuit for 24inch LCD BLU LED Module
  • Traverse Deck for Portable DVD
  • Half-Height Optical Pick-up for DVD-P
  • Semi Slim Optical Pick-up for DVD-P